Car export

Frequently asked questions

What types of cars are better to export?

These are cars that need a large and healthy market. In this case the best option is to offer a car that is for sale in Germany.

Where should I start?

We will gladly advise you on the sales process in person and find the best solution together with you.

What are the obligations?

Once the customer’s preferences are established, we discuss the main process of the sales transaction and sign a written contract.

I would like to use the car daily until it is sold. What are the options for selling the car remotely?

In about half of the sales projects, we sell the cars remotely. In this case, the customer can use the car on a daily basis or attend oldtimer and youngtimer rallies.

We particularly enjoyed the sales process of a 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix. We decided to present the car at a historic vehicle show in Braunschweig, Germany. The enthusiasts and entrepreneurs we met at the event consolidated our partner base, giving our customer further advantages for achieving their aim of selling the car.

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